My name is Simon d'Orsogna and I’m a certified Process Consultant, Coach, and a Therapist. I use ITC and sense-making as the basis of my work with people who are tired of struggling with their goals - at work, with health, in relationships and at play.
And it’s not about magical thinking; my clients live their dreams through taking perspective, making an impact and becoming much-more effective in a changing world.

Singly and together, many people struggle to be fully effective in their lives because their goals have proven resistant to their sincerest intentions, smartest plans, and best efforts.

Even when we are smart, dedicated and put in great effort - we can find ourselves with one foot on the brake and one foot on the accelerator. Sometimes these 'stuck and knotty places' can be seen in how we show up in the workplace, at home, or in pain in our relationships or in your body.

If you really want to get an edge to work effectively and energetically, you’re about to discover a shortcut to truly making it happen.

Executive coaching for adult development and transition is effective and quick. Personal consultancy and therapy for growth and resolving what is inexplicable or persistently bothering can release new energy and direction.

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them... - Albert Einstein

How do you Change a mindset?

To achieve real lasting change we need to think, act and feel differently. When we can't see our deepest assumptions we end getting tangled up, holding us
just where we are.

Changing mindsets gets you untangled to release your energy and effectiveness in the world at work and play.

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Executive Coaching

1:1 coaching overturning your invisible barriers and blocks using the award-winning Immunity to Change approach


Personal Consultancy

How you already (somehow) make sense to release energy and capacity using Coherence Therapy and more...


Team Coaching

Strengthen and build Teams in formation - and for the duration. Ideal for new teams and groups in transition


 What people are saying!

"your coaching has changed my way of leading my life and leadership style.
The sessions we had, will have positive and caring impact on me, my employees and my family."

— Shakti Verma, General Manager, Aker Solutions

"Simon took my understanding of myself as a leader and mentor to a whole new level "

Prof George Cairns, Head of Business School, RMIT

"an unconventional coaching process that exposes, befriends and outwits the ways we have made ourselves ‘immune’ "

— John Ward, Design Consultant, ManyMinds

" I felt a great sense of personal power when I realised I had choices where previously I’d felt at the whim of what I’d thought was part of my temperament. "

— Anna Stratton, Business Development Manager, DPI

Read some testimonials for how ITC has helped the people I work with to take the bigger view, and take their foot off the brake to release their energy.

See the new online training resources for Coherence Therapy.

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About Simon


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"I work with people who are ready to get out of their own way.

Counter-intuitive screwball questions are the order of the day (in the nicest way possible)."

- Simon d'Orsogna


Simon d'Orsogna MA

Certified Immunity To Change Coach & Process Consultant, member of the International Association of

Integrative Coach-Therapists

M: 0418-321-254 (Melbourne, Australia AEST)

Tel: 81912270 (Hong Kong office - UTC/GMT+08:00)

M: (+61) 418-321-254

Standard AEST time zone: UTC/GMT+10 hours. Daylight saving time: +1 hour.
AEST October-April DLS time zone offset: UTC/GMT+11 hours.

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