Internal Family Systems

Model - Level 1 Training

February and May 2019


Sydney & Melbourne, Australia

Participants in the first Australian Level 1 Certification training reflect on their learning and share thoughts on the last day of the training in February 2018.

CSL's Level One Training

In this training you will immerse yourself in the Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) model of psychotherapy. Israel-based CSL Senior Trainer Einat Borenstein will offer the Centre for Self-Leadership's Level One training over the course of 2 weeks; one retreat week in February in Sydney on the north shore - and a later retreat week in May in Melbourne's hinterland. Read down for more about the Lead Trainer.

Thirty participants will be supported over 13.5 days in a one-to-three ratio, with ten international and Australian program assistants. The structure of the 2 weeks gives space for action learning between attending each retreat. Each retreat day combines didactic learning with opportunity for practice exercises, self-work, reflection, and support involving small and large group work.

This course is designed for professionals (therapists, psychologists, counsellors, certified coaches, expressive arts therapists and social workers) as well as those committed to their self-development. Participants will learn the fundamental IFS concepts and techniques in order to apply them to their professional and personal lives. The format of the Training involves didactic learning as well as a wide range of experiential processes designed to help participants deepen their understanding of IFS. Participants will use their own learning edge in role as client, therapist and observer-reflective witness. Large group work and plenary sessions invite participants' growing capacities to engage in role as learner, contributor, and community member.

One of the most important experiential aspects of the training involves daily opportunities to practice using IFS skills with each other, supported by more-experienced practitioners in one-to-three ratios. In this way, participants learn by both doing and receiving the work. Learning objectives covered in this retreat style learning curriculum are overviewed here.

To receive the certificate of attendance you must attend full days of BOTH weeks of training, and both the Saturday mornings teleconferences. For full requirements to be certified as either an IFS Therapist or an IFS Practitioner see the CSL website.

Pymble (Sydney), NSW - 2019 - Dates & Venue

Week One Workshop:

Sunday to Saturday February 10th – 16th, 2019

(daily 9:00am-5:45pm. Arrive Saturday 9th afternoon settling into venue if living-in, or for day participation arrive morning of 10th. Final day finishes 2:30pm; shuttle leaves at 3pm to arrive by ~4pm at Sydney airport)

with optional residential living-in OR living-out for 7days and 6nights,

with optional arrival on the day prior in the mid-afternoon, fee includes the evening meal
and continental breakfast.

[Meeting the participants and staff on the evening prior and waking on-site on day1 is recommended.

Please request an additional night of accommodation in your application if you wish this.]

Teleconference #One Date:

Saturday TBC 2019 ~ late afternoon /evening

AEDT (Sydney/Melb times)

Teleconference #Two Date:

Saturday TBC 2019 ~ late afternoon /evening

AEDT (Sydney/Melb times)

Millgrove (Melbourne hinterland), Victoria - 2019 Dates & Venue:

Week One Workshop:

Monday to Sunday 6-12th May 2019

(daily 9:00am-5:45pm. Arrive afternoon of Sunday 5th for settling into the venue; NOTE residential retreat live-in only. Final day finishes 2:30pm, and shuttle leaves to airport at 3pm, to arrive by 5pm)

Pallotti College (just before Warburton, 95-120 min from Tullamarine airport)
7days and 6nights retreat style, with optional arrival on the day prior in the mid afternoon

including the evening meal and continental breakfast.

[There is no morning shuttle from Melbourne as limited early flights plus travel time require too late arrival.

Please request an additional night of accommodation in your application if you wish this.]

NB - for certificate of attendance you must attend BOTH weeks of training and BOTH teleconferences.

For recognition as IFS practitioner or therapist see requirements as detailed on the CSL website.

Click to go to the application page

Einat Bronstein LCSW MSW speaking with Simon d'Orsogna, the Australian IFS training organizer, about the upcoming Level 1 certification in Sydney and Melbourne August and October 2018.

More of Einat and Simon's interview here and here.

Payment Options

Prices include catering, materials, teleconferences and tuition-workshop fees.

'Residential live-in' covers all accommodation & meals - breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner.

'Part-residential' (applies to Sydney ONLY) includes morning & afternoon tea, and lunch.

NB - All in Australian dollars, and includes ticketing fees
Limit of 30 registrations available.

  • Workshop Fee (all materials, tuition, and teleconferences) - 13.5 days
    - $5,250 (earlybird for full payment, limited number only, first-in)
  • - $5,450 (general tickets)
    - $4,750 (public funded employees in DGR status organisations/ FT students )

  • Two weeks residential live-in (both Melbourne & Sydney)
    covers accommodation, all food, and linen - 13.5 day/12 nights
    - $2,650 (general accommodation tickets - single room incl linen/towels, bring own toiletries)
  • One week residential live-in at Melbourne only (Sydney live-out)
    covers accommodation, all food, and linen - 7 days/6 nights

    - $1,325 (general accommodation tickets - single room
    incl linen/towels, bring own toiletries)
    (NB living-in at the retreat is required in Melbourne, optional in Sydney)

    • Additional night's stay pp/night - $188 (incl evening meal & continental breakfast)

    • Shuttle bus Melb airport-Venue - $97 RETURN (group price)

    • Shuttle bus Venue- Sydney airport (final day) - $44 one-way (group price)

  • To hold the place please pay the $750 AU non-refundable deposit once you have the confirmation and invoice.

Payment plans are available on request on the application /registration form. See details on FAQ.

Transport from Sydney airport to the Pymble venue is available by train to Gordon station, then taxi or uber.

Shuttle bus travel will be offered for those getting to the Melbourne venue at 4pm from Tullamarine airport

on the afternoon prior to the first day to allow prompt 9:00am start on the first morning .

Additional shuttle travel and extra night's accomodation fees apply.

Participants choosing non-residential option for Sydney must attend the full days of all workshops

as coming late or leaving early impacts the learning of others and the group dynamics.

Melbourne retreat attendence is required given distance from town and traffic.

NB - you must attend all training elements for the Certificate of Attendence -

13.5 training days split over 2 x week-long programs, plus the 2 teleconferences

Discounts & Booking Process

  • Group discount of 5% for 5 or more participants when ALL of the following requirements are met:
    • The group works for the same public or private organisation.
    • The payment must be submitted on one cheque or bank transfer, which matches the company or agency name.
    • A copy of the company’s certificate of registration or business licence must be submitted with the application

    To apply contact Simon for further information.

  • Bursaries for financial hardship, full time students, disadvantage or disability will be considered. Please submit the application form on the FAQ page to be considered. No correspondence will be entered into decisions made.

Booking process - please read the FAQ before applying!

  • Interested participants are invited to submit the online form via the APPLY HERE links on this page. The application will usually be reviewed and replied to within 15 business days.

  • Once your application is accepted, you will be sent an email invoice with a link to pay to confirm your place in this training. Full fee payment is preferred.

    To hold a place you must pay the $750 AU non-refundable deposit immediately, and either A) the remainder paid within 30 days, or B) the remainder in part-payment arrangment as agreed with the organiser.

  • Creditcard payments
    incur 3% surcharge to cover banking /transaction gateway fees.
    Within Australia preferably pay by electronic funds transaction (EFT) using BSB & Acc# (no additional banking fees apply).
  • Currency Options
    Payments can be made in various international currencies and paid using creditcard (charges apply). Please advise on your application if you require this.
  • Payment plans are available on request. Part-payment arrangements of more than 30 days attract a 5% admin surcharge on the total fee; paying the full fee within 30 days of the deposit avoids this surcharge.

  • Final part payments to be made by 1st January 2019.

  • Registration on making an initial $750 non-refundable deposit; places are confirmed so long as any part-payment schedule is upheld. Registration is confirmed on full payment.

  • Instructions will be provided to participants requesting a payment plan; please indicate by email on making your application that you would wish to part-pay. Earlybird fees must be paid in full before agreed payment deadlines, otherwise these will revert to standard fees.

  • In the case of the training not going forward (eg lack of sufficient numbers, exchange rate fluctuation etc) participant's monies will be returned minus $150 to cover administration-processing, online booking charges, and banking fees.

Fully paid bookings cancelled by the applicant more than 60 days from the workshop's first commencement date will be refunded minus a $150 admin fee and deposit. Bookings cancelled inside 60 days of the workshop first commencement date will not be refunded. The administration charge will apply in all circumstances. In case of medical emergency these cancellation fees may be waived; please advise the organiser at the earliest possible moment if cancellation is necessary.

Please note in case of cancellation we cannot reimburse any expenses you may have incurred, but we will reimburse the cost of travel insurance directly related to attending this workshop, on receipt of your insurance receipt. If you cannot attend, a qualified substitute may attend in your place, pending approval from the training team. Please take out your own comprehensive travel and accident insurances as soon as confirmed.

Courses are pre-paid. We do not take money at the door. We reserve the right to cancel due to insufficient registrations, extreme currency fluctuations, or other reasons as we deem necessary.

Invoices and Certificate of Attendance will be issued.

Note - these workshops qualify for equivalent hours of specialised training in the Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) model of psychotherapy that may be counted towards Continuing Professional Development. Registered health professionals have a responsibility to ensure that they continue to maintain, enhance and extend their knowledge and skills throughout their working lives. Consumers also have an expectation that a registered professional providing a service, does so in a competent and contemporary manner. These workshops may be counted towards Continuing Professional Development requirements set down by peak bodies. Please check with your registering association to ensure requirements are met.

For more information please see

Guidelines on continuing professional development (CPD) from the APS


Guidelines on continuing professional development (CPD) set down by the Psychology Registration Board of Australia.

No previous IFS trainings or workshops are presumed in this Level 1 training.

Completion of L1 certification is required for any future Level 2 training.

Einat Bronstein prefSM.jpg

About Einat

Einat Avni Bronstein, MSW, LCSW.

Earned a Law degree at Tel Aviv University, Israel, and Masters in Clinical Social Work at Washington University in St Louis, MO, USA. Have been learning with Dick Schwartz and practicing IFS from its early years in Chicago. Graduated from Level 1, 2 and 3 IFS trainings; A Lead Trainer, an IFS supervisor and a Certified IFS Therapist with over 25 years of clinical experience in private practice.

Has been a lecturer at the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Tel-Aviv University for 8 years. Co-founded (with Osnat- Ossi - Arbel) The Israeli Institute for IFS in 2008, brought IFS to Israel and created a vibrant, fast growing IFS community in Israel.

Co-led and led 13 Level 1 trainings, Level 2 modules, presented at the IFS Annual conference multiple times, created and led yearly enrichment IFS workshops and seminars on a variety of topics. Specializes in treating trauma, eating disorders, marriage and family issues, depression and anxiety and life transitions.

Extracurricular accomplishments - married for 31 years, have 4 children and two dogs :)

Details of the IFS model...

Founded by Richard Schwartz, PhD., the Internal Family Systems model (IFS), is a cutting edge psychotherapy approach that offers therapists a non-pathological conceptual framework for understanding the human psyche. IFS respectfully guides people toward lasting and profound transformation. IFS applies family systems principles and techniques to working with inner parts of the person. It is widely used internationally in the treatment of trauma and severe diagnoses, as well as a wide variety of psychological issues and non-clinical applications such as business consulting and meditation practice. IFS offers therapists a way to make their practice more enjoyable and effective, and less effortful. It also helps them find and heal parts of themselves.

SAMHSA has recently added IFS to the US National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices rating it as “effective for improving general functioning and well-being,” and “promising for each of: improving phobia, panic, and generalized anxiety disorders and symptoms; physical health conditions and symptoms; personal resilience/self-concept; and depression and depressive symptoms.”

2015 Networker Symposium keynote with Dick Schwartz (6 min excerpt)

In this clip from Richard Schwartz's keynote, "The Inner Game of Psychotherapy," he explains how the method he developed, Internal Family Systems (IFS), allows clients to be the primary agent in their healing process and rely less on the therapist as an attachment figure.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is the signature work of Richard Schwartz PhD.

The Center for Self Leadership (CSL) runs certified trainings all over the world.

Click here for more.

Apply HERE for L1 Training


Contact CSL's Australian International Partner and Organizer
click link above to email Simon d'Orsogna

for more information about the L1 IFS certification


mobile 0418 321 254 [Melbourne, Australia]

from outside Australia +61 418 321 254

(Australian Eastern Standard Timezone: UTC/GMT+10 hours)

(Australian Eastern Daylight Timezone: UTC/GMT+11 hours)



Whitelion is a charity established over 16 years ago to fill a desperate need in the Australian community. The charity opens doors to opportunities, positive relationships and community connections for youth at risk aged between 10 to 25 years old, with practical support such as mentoring programs, education and employment, to help young people find the courage to seek a better future.

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