Simon is currently a member of staff for the edX program offering the award-winning Immunity to Change coaching out to the world in a massive online learning experiment.  In the weeks before launch there are  more than 65,000 people from across the world enrolled in this inaugural 15 week program.

As one of the few facilitators and coaches in the world trained and certified in the Immunity to Change approach with Prof Bob Kegan and Prof Lisa Lahey, senior faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Simon is pleased to offer this approach along with other frameworks to organisations and individuals who seriously wish to enlarge their capacity for creativity, effectiveness, for holding complexity - and taking action.

Based in Melbourne, Australia,  Simon d'Orsogna has been providing project and process consultancy, facilitation, and research to the corporate, government and community sectors since 1992. Over the last twelve years, Simon’s range of services has expanded enabling him to provide clients with a range of approaches to strengthen relationships, improve trust and effectiveness, and to support innovation in team functioning.


As a facilitator and process consultant, Simon helps individuals and teams transform themselves and their organisations. He is able to assist them to see bigger, more inclusive perspectives, to think in deeper and more creative ways about their problems, and how to collaborate to come up with ideas that no single person could ever think of on their own.

Do we learn by pouring more information into an empty and rigid vessel?

water-drips-into-red bucket-001.jpg

Changing the shape of the container, subtly shapes you...

...and brings change


Simon's interests include improving human and business systems, development and management of complex projects, productivity, creativity and organisational change. Seeing many change efforts miss the human dimension (eg just pouring more information-training-technology in) made Simon want to explore the transformational-adaptive aspects of adult learning, in groups and individually.

Background, Trainings, Clients and more

    Post-Melbourne and LaTrobe Universities where he gained a B.A. and was invited to honours, Simon worked as a writer and freelance researcher to a number of clients including a social-history trust, a medical specialist, and a series of PhD and Masters students before working in policy and research at the Victorian Government's Department of Human Services.
    From 2002 to 2007 he worked with an innovative online health messaging pilot, leading it as the Executive Officer to expanded its state coverage 220% and prove an IT architecture for the state of Victoria. Working across a jigsaw of jurisdictions and data standards, Simon led the team to prove the concept that is used nationally across Australia for secure health messaging.
    Simon has worked with teams and individuals in both the profit and non-profit sectors, both private and government-funded sectors. He has mentored and coached executives and managers, teams and staff groups, undertaken strategic development and implementation, leadership and professional development, team building, innovation, services coordination and process improvement. Projects include development of Strategic and Operational Plans, innovation proposals, coaching and peer-supervision within teams, management and evaluation of cross-organisational initiatives (mergers, service coordination and improvement efforts) and large-scale  roll-outs. Increasingly he is requested to coach senior individuals and management teams.
    A partial client list includes:
  • Benetas
  • Aker Solutions
  • Connections Uniting Care
  • SingTel
  • KPMG
  • Department of Primary Industries and Environment
  • Queen Elizabeth Centre
  • Leadership in Re-orienting Day Services
  • Annecto
  • Darebin City Council
  • Loophole Collective
  • Department of Human Services
  • Villa Maria
  • Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (VACRO)
  • Mildura Rural Shire Council
  • Melbourne Health
  • Doutta Galla Community Health Service
  • Greater Dandenong Council

  • Simon uses a variety of instruments including screens for measuring Tone (Weber), Multiple Intelligences (Gardner), and Learning Preferences (Kolb, Herman). Other helpful frames include Bushe's  Learning Experiencing Cube  to assist in differentiating aspects of leadership - self-awareness, clear boundaries, curiosity about others' experience, own description of own experience, self-direction. The Centred Leadership work of Joanna Barsh from McKinsey brings a powerful  lens to the daily work of women and men in leadership in modern times.
    Simon has trained and uses the person-role-system concepts in Organisational Role Analysis, as well as its expansion into the Transforming Experience framework from the Grubb Institute, UK. He is accredited as a consultant for the Leadership Circle tools for individuals and organisations. Currently he is both training and leading training in Coherence Therapy, a constructivist approach using memory reconsolidation as a complement to his coaching work.

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